Economic Transformation in Assam: An Outline

  • Mahan Borah
    Assam University, Silchar, Assam


  • The pre-colonial economy of Assam was a semi tribal and semi feudal in nature. The economy of pre-colonial Assam was largely a traditional economy which did not witness any sort of modern economic development such as industrialisation, trade and commerce and currency. Therefore, the mode of exchange was based on the barter system. Under this system certain commodities were regarded as the parameter of exchange. Even the payment of land revenue and the salaries of the officials were based on barter system. Colonialisation of Assam has brought a radical change in the economy of Assam. Transformation of mode of exchange from barter economy to a monetised economy, discovery of local resources and establishment of industries, introduction of new mode of communication like railways, roads were some significant economic changes that took place in colonial Assam. The main objective of this article is to understand about the economic transformation during the colonial and post-colonial period in Assam.

  • Key words: Economy, Growth, Transformation, Colonial, Industries, Assam

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