Migration and Population Growth in Assam

  • *1Jugal Kumar Deka, 2Ranjit Kumar Gam
    1Habraghat College, Krishnai, Goalpara
    2Sibsagar College, Joysagar (Autonomous)
    *Email: jugalkd91@gmail.com


  • Migration is the third component of population change, the other two being mortality and fertility. The issue of migration in Assam has been unique and unprecedented in nature and intensity for the last three decades. Due to low agricultural wage rate in neighbouring countries of India, the migrants prefer to migrate to the nearest place, namely Assam that is rich in agriculture and natural resources. The influx of immigrant workers into Assam is not welcomed by the local people due to fear of competition for their jobs. Instead, the local people resist the settler migrant workers. As the change is population is significantly high in a short span of time it gives rises to serious socio-economic problem for Assam. The paper focuses on the changing demographic structure of Assam in the context of large-scale migration. Besides it estimates the impact of immigration on population growth in Assam. Empirical evidence reveals that population in Assam is significantly affected by the intra-state and international migration, but not by the inter-state migrants.

  • Key words: migration, influx, immigration, demographic structure,

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