Adsorption of arsenic from drinking water using readily avail- able natural adsorbent

  • Monjumoni Das
    Department of Chemistry, Sibsagar College, Joysagar
    E-mail –


  • The presence of heavy metals like arsenic in water causes serious damage to aquatic life and human health. Several techniques have been developed to re- move arsenic from water. Adsorption [3,4], anion exchange [5], reverse osmosis [6] and coagulation processes [7,8] are some of the commonly used techniques. The methods of adsorption to metal uptakes from potable water considered as more promising method over other conventional method. In this study we use adsorp- tion method by using some naturally abundant bio-adsorbent. Since Freundlich adsorption equation is consider to study, so this work finally deals with this equation. For removal of arsenic from drinking water using Freundlich equation was observed that rate of adsorption is maximum for waste mango bark fol- lowed by orange bark and orange peel. It may be due to the higher concentra- tion of polyphenols in mango tree bark than other.

  • Key words: Adsorption, Polyphenols, Bio-adsorbent, Abundant, Arsenic re- moval

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