Development of Women’s Studies in India and Assam : A Historical Outline

  • Sonali Borah
    Sibsagar College, Joysagar (Autonomous)


  • The writings of Indian history for a long time dominated the deeds of man. The early historical writings were only about success and failure stories of every countable personality and were strictly limited to the politicalaspects. It is seen as ignorance towards other aspects like society and the economy. But changes occurred in the history writing from the mid of 20th century with D.D Kosambi’s book An Introduction to the Study of Indian History (1956). By writing this book he changes the paradigm of historical writing from political to social and also makes history an interdisciplinary subject. By following his ideology several other historians also emerged and turn history writing to an other extent. Since the1980s women’s history became rich as some prominent writers started writing history from a feminist perspective. Some of the historians who belonged to this category are Uma Chakraborty, Tanika Sarkar, Urbashi Butalia, and Kumkum Roy. A new understanding of patriarchy and the position of women came to be explored by these historians. They also started to criticize the Alteckarian perspective about the position of women in Indian society.In the context of Assam, only a handful amount of writings is found. In the recent past, the changes and transformation of Assamese society in the colonial period and the changing position of women had been explored.

  • Key words: Women’s study, Female education, Social Reforms.

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