Effects of Good Nutrition in PostPandemic Era

  • Ishani Ganguly
    Swami Vivekananda University, Barrackpore.
    Email: ishani23.ganguly@gmail.com


  • COVID-19 Pandemic becomes life threatening and emerging healthailment to every community all over the world and turn out to bevulnerable and particular to aged people with foregoing health consequences such as coronary heart disease, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, and hypertension and so on. This COVID-19 lowers the power of the immunity system of the body thus invites various pathogen attack to the body. Nutrients present in the diet plays the primary role to decrease the mortality rate due to the occurrence of COVID-19. Adequate vitamins and minerals intake helps to boost up the immune system mechanism in the body. Along with that, vitamin D supplementation is required with special attention for cardiovascular comorbidity patients. Vitamin C produces antioxidants and creates a hurdle for the pathogenic organisms thus safeguard the immune system in the body. Minerals with a special attention to zinc is advised because of its ability to produce various enzymes and co-enzymes in company with the production of immune cells thus helps to improve immunity system in the body. Appropriate energy and protein intake becomes beneficial to upgrade the bio-security of the body. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are highly recommended to give a supportto the immune functions. Short chain fattyacids arealso advised to take to regulate the micro-organisms present in the gastro-intestinal tract. Consumption of saturated fat containing foods, sugary beverages, alcohols may lead to obesity which turns into a major risk factor for COVID-19 attack by becoming a precursor for inflammation and aggravate the disease conditions. Thus proper nutrition helps to prevent the adverse situation of COVID-19 and build up immunity against such viral infectious diseases. Having balanced diet and being physically active together with public awareness are the only way to survive against this coronavirus infection, spread out worldwide.

  • Key words:COVID-19, Immunity System, Nutrients, Balanced Diet.

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