Cardinal Ingredients, Trends and Issues of Third Gender: A Horizontal Exploration

  • Pankaj Kalita
    P.G. Department of English,
    Sibsagar College, Joysagar,
    Assam, India.


  • This research paper entitled “Cardinal Ingredients, Trends and Issues of Third Gender: A Horizontal Exploration” is a mild effort to update some recent advancements, trends, concepts and issues regarding Queer-Sexuality & LGBT Studies for non-specialists. Having mentioned the objectives and the inter-disciplinary & multi-disciplinary relevance & scope of this article, the ideas regarding the difference between sex and gender along with the genetic root of third gender and homosexuality in animal kingdom have been clarified. After that, the basic types of sexuality / sexual orientation are explained, which have been followed by the 7 point Heterosexuality-Homosexuality Rating Scale coined by American Zoologist Professor Alfred Charles Kinsey as well as the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid (KSOG). Then, the categories of third gender as per LGBTIQPA + and sexo-romantic role have been discussed, which are followed by the representation of third gender in Indian Mythology. Next, some of the issues, problems and movements of third gender community along with the impact of COVID-19 pandemic upon the LGBT masses have been explored.

  • Key words: Sexuality & LGBT, sex and gender, third gender, Heterosexuality-Homosexuality.

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