Filament Characteristics of Muga Silkworm from both Controlled and Polluted Sites in Geleky Area of Sivasagar District, Assam

  • Chitralekha Gogoi
    Assistant Professor,
    Dept. of Zoology,
    Sibsagar Girls’ College, Sivasagar, Assam


  • Muga (Antheraea assama, Ww) the unique multivoltine and semi domesticated silkworm, is endemic to Assam and NE States of India. Muga culture produces the golden thread which are unique, excellent and high quality fabric not found anywhere in the globe. Muga silk occupies a prominent position in the history and cultural heritage of Assamese people. In Assam, silk industry has gained a place of pride in the socioeconomic status of the people of the state because of its potential for strengthening the rural economy and providing employment. Sivasagar District of Assam is one of the important muga cultivation areas including various farms and ‘Sumoni’s. But the present status of muga culture has been very deteriorating. This is because of various human interventions like extension activities near muga farms by tea planters, oil industries, etc. The filament characteristics are also affected due to these activities, which is the most important aspect in cultivation of Antheraea assama Ww. Geleky area of Sivasagar District has various oil field industries, tea plantations near ‘sumoni’s as well as some problems regarding this. The study reveals that the filament characteristics for both controlled and polluted sites were also different. It implies that the characteristics like tenacity, reelabliity, filament length etc were poor in case of polluted area as compared.

  • Key words: Filament characteristics, Multivoltine, Antheraea assama Ww.

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