Study the antimicrobial activity of different honey types and plant extracts against Escherichia coli, a human pathogenic bacterium

  • Imdadur Rahman*, Munmi Borah and Mridusmita Borah
    Dept. of Zoology,
    Sibsagar College, Joysagar, Sivasagar


  • The antimicrobial activity of honey and plant extracts against Escherichia coliwas carried out during 2019-20 at the department of Zoology, Sibsagar College, Joysagar. Honey possesses therapeutic properties which include antimicrobial activity against different microorganisms.The aim of the study was to compare the antimicrobial activity of honey sample with the extracts of some commonly used medicinal plants. Different concentrations of honey and plant extracts were tested against E. coliand zones of inhibition were measured.The bacteria were more susceptible to inhibition by the combination of honey and plant extractsthan honey and plant extracts alone. At 2.0% concentration, the zone of inhibition was found 29.33 mm against the E. coli in the combination of honey and plant extracts. This study demonstrates that the combination of honey and plant extractscould potentially be used as an alternative therapeutic agent againstthe E. coli.

  • Key words: Antimicrobial activity, honey, plant extracts, Escherichia coli.

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