A Study on Acceptance Range of Modernization among Undergraduate Level Mishing Students in Lakhimpur District

  • Ghanashyam Taid
    Assistant Professor,
    Dr. BKB College,
    Puranigudam, Nagaon.

    Email: ghanashyamtaid2013@gmail.com

  • This study is made on acceptance of modernization by undergraduate level Mishing students of Lakhimpur district. Mishing are ethnic tribe and the second largest populous group of Assam followed by Bodo. Basically Mishing are riverine and concentrated in upper Assam. Now-a-days; study on tribal tradition, culture, custom, religion, indigenous knowledge has been given importance world-wide; so that they could be protected from extinction. For the same reasons, in India also various tribal Research-Centre’s NGO’S, Researchers, academicians have conducted various studies on the problems of tribal areas in changing environments. Exploring and enhancing the talents as well as every possibility of deprived, underdeveloped sectionsis a challenge for a country. The main focus of this study is to examine the acceptance level modernization by the undergraduate level Mishing students. The study was conducted on 662 undergraduate Mishing students of Lakhimpur district. The study found that the acceptance level of modernization of Mishing studentsin the 21st century is at a moderate or average level.

  • Key words: Modernization, Mishing, Lakhimpur, Undergraduate.

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