A study on the Influence of School Environment on Educational Performance of H.S.L.C Students in Dhemaji District of Assam

  • *Rantu Gohain1& Rupa Das Borbora2
    1Dept. of Education,
    Sibsagar Girls’ College, Sivasagar
    Email: rantu.sukafa@gmail.com
    2Dept. of Education,
    Cotton College, Guwahati (Retd.)


  • School environment is an important factor which exerts influence on the educational performance of a student. A sound and congenial environment in the school helps in drawing interest and attention among students in their learning and also helps in showing the better performance in the examination. But many schools especially in the rural areas of Assam are lagging behind in this regard. The present study attempts to explore how school environment exerts influence on the educational performance of H.S.L.C students in flood affected and non-flood affected areas of Dhemaji district, Assam. An attempt has also been made to have a comparative study regarding educational performance of such students in both the areas. Normative Survey method was employed and both primary and secondary data were collected with the help of various tools such as interview schedules and inquiry forms and naturalistic observation. Two kinds of sample were taken viz. student sample and school sample. The student sample for the study was 300 out of which 150 samples were collected from the flood affected area and 150 samples were collected from the non-flood affected area of different sides of the district. Total eight (8) schools were taken as school sample out of which 4 were taken from the flood affected area and rest 4 were taken from the non-flood affected area. Collected data were treated both qualitatively and quantitatively. For quantitative treatment, some statistical techniques like simple frequency percentage, Mean deviation, t-test etc. were employed. It was found that there is significant difference of school environment of the students between flood affected and non-flood affected areas that exert influence on their educational performance. Moreover, educational performance of students was better in the non-flood affected area (72.15% ) than the flood affected area (49.21%) which indicates having significant difference (only in 5% level of significance). Based on the findings of study certain suggestions were forwarded for benefit of the stakeholders.

  • Key words: School, Environment, Educational performance, Flood

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