Women, Polity and Response: A Study in the Ahom Kingdom

  • Nipon Panging
    Assistant Professor,
    Department of History,
    Lakhimpur Girls’ College
    Email: npanging5@gmail.com


  • Women’s participation in the politics in the Ahom kingdom is recorded in the chronicles. Women belonged to the royal or the aristocratic families oftenplayed an active role and advised the king or others on the matters of the state. The women played distinct roles in the state politics such as queens, mother of the king, wives of officers, a medium of goodwill ambassador in a peace treaty, personal attendants, spies, dancers etc. All these references reveal that women had a well understanding of the political matters and given the opportunity and power they could play equally with men. In this paper the role of women in the politics in the Ahom kingdom is analysed.

  • Key words: Ahom kingdom, politics, women.

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