Teachers’ Mental Health: A Retrospection

  • Mantu Baro1 and *Malaya Borgohain2
    1Centre for Physical Education and Sports,
    Dibrugarh University, Assam.
    2Dept. of Education,
    The Sibsagar College, Joysagar, Assam.
    *Email: malaya.bg2017@gmail.com


  • It is generally believed that mental health and physical fitness are ideals about realizations, of which man has been striving for generations. Therefore the sound mental health of a person is important, especially for teachers as they work for the development of the nation. To perform multipurpose duties besides teaching, the teachers must be able to keep themselves physically fit, mentally healthy and emotionally stable and adjustable. Therefore the issues related to teachers mental health has long been a topic of interest and concern to researchers in the field of Education and Psychology. It has been observed that a good number of studies have been conducted in various countries of the world in relation to different mental health issues of the teachers and solutions to the same. This study will be an attempt to throw light on some selected studies that done with the emphasis on teachers’ mental health.

  • Key words: Teacher, Mental health, Education and Psychology.

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